Fave 5 (Plus) - Songs on "Circus"

I’ve been rocking “Circus” on my iPod for more than a week now, and I knew a few days ago that this week’s Fave 5 would be picking my favorite songs from the album. Only, I couldn’t really narrow it down to 5. So here’s my ranking of all 15 new tracks on the Deluxe Edition available on iTunes (I don’t count “Radar”, since it was on “Blackout”).

15. Mannequin
- Gotta be honest, this song is a little weird, and not really that danceable.

14. My Baby
- As I wrote last week, one of the things I liked about “Blackout” was its consistency. Part of that was no slow songs -- they’re not Britney’s strength. I know this is a personal song for Britney, but it’s not one I enjoy hearing.

13. Blur
- Really just an “eh” song. It kind of blends with everything else and gets lost.

12. Out from Under
- Among the slower songs, I actually kind of like this one. It’s pretty sweet.

11. Unusual You
- This is like in between a ballad and a dance-y song, but it has something there.

10. Rock Me In
- One of the tracks that isn’t available on the standard album, but probably should have been included.

9. Phonography
- This song isn’t nearly as off-putting as “Touch of My Hand”, but has the same kind of idea (while that was a song about masturbation, this is about phone sex, which isn’t as creepy).

8. Mmm Papi
- Whenever I hear this, I feel like it’s a high school dance party -- which I never actually attended in high school -- but better.

7. Trouble
- Another bonus track, which is just pretty cool. This would have fit in perfectly on “Blackout”, or even “Britney”.

6. Lace and Leather
- The lyrics of this song cover lots of fetish imagery, with a party-type beat and fun chorus. Also, this marks the separation between songs I LOVE on this album and songs I just like (with “Lace and Leather” being in the former category).

5. Shattered Glass
- This song always reminds me of an 80s pop track, with the changing tempos and synth music.

4. Kill the Lights
- I’d probably have this song 2 spots higher if it weren’t for the lame intro at the beginning. The bridge/chorus combo is just incredible.

3. If U Seek Amy
- I have to be honest, when I first heard this song, the secret meaning went totally over my head. Once I figured it out, though, I enjoyed it so much more. It jumped from 6th to 3rd just on the strength of that (and if you don’t get what ‘If U Seek Amy’ means, just say it slowly).

2. Womanizer
- The first single from the album, and the song I’ve played more than any -- just because it came out before the album. I’ve flip-flopped this and #1 on my list a few times in the past 24 hours, but I just feel like this is number 2...

1. Circus
... and this is number 1. The title track from the album has everything I’ve come to expect from a modern Britney track. I guarantee that a few years from now this will be among my Top 10 most played Britney tracks.