Fave 5 - Movies (Part I)

So I’m sitting here, watching “Serenity” for the 9,000th time (that estimate may be a little high), but the first time on Blu Ray, and I figure now’s as good a time as any to write about my Top 10 movies of all time (which I’ve promised at many times in the past in this blog).

It’s worth pointing out that “Serenity” is one of a handful of movies I’ve purchased 3 times. I’ve got it on DVD, HD DVD and Blu Ray. I can think of 2 other movies I’ve purchased 3 times, and they’re both also in my Top 10.

Let me be clear -- these are not the movies I think are the 10 best of all-time (though some of them are definitely high on that list too).

10. I Know What You Did Last Summer
This is another of those movies I’ve bought 3 times (VHS, DVD, Blu Ray) -- and it was actually the first movie I ever owned on DVD. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar in the same movie? That’s just freakin’ awesome. Plus, as cheesy as the plot is, this is actually kind of a fun movie to re-watch.

(An aside here. When I first referenced my Top 10 movies, I made mention that “Clueless” was on my list. But one of the movies on my current list was released since I made that reference, so “Clueless” goes bye-bye.)

9. Field of Dreams
This movie used to be higher on my list, but the more I’ve seen it, the harder it is to rewatch. Still, I could watch the last 20 minutes or so (starting with Timothy Busfield’s arrival at the field, just before James Earl Jones’ classic speech) from now until eternity. And yes, I cry at the end. So what. Every guy does, even if he won’t admit it.

8. Independence Day
And here’s the other movie I’ve purchased 3 times (VHS, DVD, Blu Ray) -- and saw 3 times in theaters the day it opened. I still watch it every year on the 4th of July. Sure, you may think the way the humans defeat the aliens (using a computer virus uploaded from a PowerBook) is stupid, but I love it. It’s a modern take on the ending to “War of the Worlds”. Plus, this is the first movie in which Will Smith is a total badass. The one thing that disappoints me about this is the special effects, which seemed so cool in 1996, look pretty rough on Blu Ray. High definition doesn’t allow filmmakers to hide anything.

7. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
I was never a big “Star Trek” fan, but somehow I’ve purchased every single one of the movies on DVD. Still, this is an incredible movie. I love the villain, Khan, who is really the anti-Kirk. If they’d ended the entire Star Trek lore right here, it probably would have been a perfect wrap to the story. KKKKHHHHHHHAAAAAAANNNNNNN!

6. Scarface
I remember once describing this movie as the perfect perversion of the American dream. It’s ridiculously violent, and ridiculously over the top, but in many ways, that’s what America is, and has been for oh, 250 years or so (give or take a decade). Plus, how can you not love “say hello to my little friend!”? It might be the most quotable line in movie history.

Coming next week: the 2nd part of my Top 10 movies (and if you’ve been paying attention to my blog for the past 6 years, you should know all of them already).