College Football Top 10

There weren't any upsets, and everything pretty much went as expected this week, so here's my 2nd-to-last top 10 of the regular season. As a special bonus, I predict where each team will end up in my final top 10.

10. Ohio State
Projected finish: unranked
(I see them losing their bowl game. I'd move them behind a team just outside my top 10 that wins... In fact, if Ball State wins out, I'll give them this spot)

9. Boise State
Projected finish: 7th
(But if they're the ONLY FBS unbeaten, I'll give them the top spot)

8. USC
Projected finish: 5th
(They're going to ROLL Penn State in the Rose Bowl).

7. Utah
Projected finish: 9th
(They will NOT win their bowl game)

6. Penn State
Projected finish: 8th

5. Texas Tech
Projected finish: 4th
(Sadly, they won't even make a BCS game)

4. Oklahoma
Projected finish: 6th
(They'll find a way to disappoint, again. Then again, if they lose expectedly, is it really a disappointment?)

3. Texas
Projected finish: 2nd
(Should be in the BCS title game, probably won't be)

2. Florida
Projected finish: 1st
(2nd national title in 3 years coming)

1. Alabama
Projected finish: 3rd
(They'll be competitive in the SEC Title game, but not enough)