College Football Top 10 - End of Regular Season

There’s a big shake-up in my rankings -- not because of anything that happened on the field, but because it’s time to get things in order for the postseason.

The way I see it, there are 5 teams that can still win the National Championship, so I’ve moved them into the top 5. First, the teams that are eliminated.

10. Ohio State
9. USC
8. Penn State
7. Texas Tech
6. Alabama

OK, now that that’s settled, let’s get going.

5. Boise State
How they win it all: beat TCU in the Poinsettia Bowl, have Utah lose

4. Utah
How they win it all: beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, have Boise State lose

3. Oklahoma
How they win it all: beat Florida in the BCS National Championship game, have Texas lose

2. Texas
How they win it all: beat Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl, have Florida lose

1. Florida
How they win it all: beat Oklahoma

So Florida is the only team of these 5 that controls its own destiny. If either Boise State or Utah is left as the only FBS unbeaten, then I’ll give that team the title. If there are 2 unbeatens, or a fuck-ton of 1-loss teams, then I give it to the team I deem most worthy.