Series of Tubes #1.5 - Saving "Heroes"

This week was part one of the two-part arc “The Eclipse” that’s supposed to save “Heroes”. Well, let me share some of my own ideas on how to fix the show I once loved, but now just tolerate, hoping it will get better.

1. Get Peter his powers back
He used to be the most interesting character on the show. Now he’s just a whiny bitch (and Nathan told him as much in this week’s episode, in a monologue that seemed to come straight from the fans). I know some people think he was getting TOO powerful, but Superman has a ridiculous power set, too, and everyone loves Superman.

2. Get rid of Primatech, Pinehurst or both
This show was way more interesting when it dealt in realities, not shady companies controlling everything. The whole Primatech vs Pinehurst, Petrelli vs Petrelli storyline has taken it to another level of pain.

3. Get Claire back to a somewhat normal life
The cheerleader hasn’t done much cheerleading -- or attending school, or dating, or spending quality time with the family -- this season. Claire was cool because she didn’t have offensive powers and lived a very normal life in some respects. Now she’s all emo and trying to be a badass. Just stop.

4. Kill off at least, let’s say, 4 characters
Heroes got spread way too thin. So let’s do this: Parkman, gone (which frees him up to re-unite with JJ Abrams on “Fringe”). Daphne, gone (she’s useless without Parkman). Any of the Ali Larter triplets, gone (she’s not a good actress, and having her play these new characters is just stupid). Random baddies, gone (I’m looking at you, fire-throwing guy and fear-smelling guy).

5. Fix Mohinder
Stop trying to turn him into the fly. Stop making him work for the bad guys. Just stop. Mohinder was supposed to be the Heroes link to the real world. Now he’s more unbelievable than any other character. Get him back to normal and things will be OK.

Now, there are other things that can be done too, but this is a start.