Series of Tubes #1.4 - Fringe

One show I’ve been recording all season but hadn’t caught up on until this week was “Fringe”. Everyone I know who watches it told me I would love it, but once I fell behind, it was hard to find the time to catch up.

Now that I’m caught up (I watched all 8 episodes in the span of 2 days), I’m hooked. So let’s break down the good and the bad of “Fringe”.

The Good:
-The “fringe science” itself is incredibly interesting, and almost seems realistic. It isn’t magic, and while it doesn’t always seem feasible, it’s fun.
-It’s got elements of a procedural (solving the crime/mystery) without the boring CSI-type forensics (which are usually replaced by the fringe science).
-The Walter Bishop character is among the most interesting on television, and most of the other characters (Peter, Olivia, etc.) have depth behind them.

The Bad:
-Not enough Massive Dynamic. If you’re going to introduce this evil company that could be behind all of this, we need to see them more than once every two episodes for a minute.
-This other group that seems to have popped up is convoluting the main story.
-I’m not sure I buy the character of The Observer.

The show isn’t flawless by any means, but it’s s definitely laying the groundwork to be one of the best on TV.