I LOVE Kelly Clarkson!

Remember last year when I went to Kelly Clarkson’s concert at Mohegan Sun and did a whole week full of Kelly Clarkson-related posts? Well, I was thinking about doing that this week.

Then, some stuff happened at work, and I just didn’t feel like posting at all. I was feeling pretty down about stuff. That was, until last night.

There are plenty of things that can make me feel better, but quickly moving up toward the top of that list is a Kelly Clarkson concert. I was just so happy to be there hearing Kelly’s voice in person, that all my worries just faded away. She has that magical hold over me.

I’m not gonna do a full concert review, because, let’s be honest, the whole thing was awesome. Instead, I’m gonna cover some moments, ramblings style.

MOST WORK-RELATED MOMENT: From the seats I had, I could see all the sound equipment on the side of the stage including... a TelePrompter! Now, every night when I do a show, I sit right next to a prompter, so seeing them using one at a concert was a little weird.

MOST RANDOM MOMENT: During the middle of “Miss Independent”, one of the guitarists broke out into the main guitar riff from “Iron Man”. How cool is that?

iPHONE COMMERCIAL MOMENT #1: I did this at the last Kelly concert I went to, so I had to do it again. During the performance of a song (last time: “Behind These Hazel Eyes”, this time “A Moment Like This”) I went into voicemail mode and recorded a greeting. So enjoy that for the next month or so.

HAPPIEST NEW KELLY MOMENT: During her “My Decemeber” Tour, Kelly performed a lot of songs I love, but she didn’t do “Beautiful Disaster.” She did it at this show, and, as is usually the case when I hear the live version of this song, I had a tear in my eye by the end. She also did “A Moment Like This”, but “Beautiful Disaster” was the kicker for me.

iPHONE COMMERCIAL MOMENT #2: (OK, lemme do this as much as like one of the commercials as possible). “This is how you enter the App Store. And this is how you search for a voice recording app. And this is how you download one, right to your phone. And this is when you realize, this is how you can record ‘Since U Been Gone’ and ‘Because of You’ to listen to whenever you want.”

LAMEST TECHNOLOGY MOMENT: When my camera’s battery died. I really need to buy a new digital camera. My current one is only 4 megapixels and has a 3x zoom. Plus the battery lasts about 90 minutes. Kind of lame.

BEST NON-CONCERT RELATED iPHONE MOMENT: During one of the Reba-only performances (they did a bunch of duets, but sometimes performed solo), I had to check my phone to see the score of the Texas-Texas Tech game. I was thrilled to see Tech up 22-3, and even happier when I got home just in time to see the game-winning TD.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: When I yelled out “I LOVE YOU KELLY!” at the top of my lungs... while making the “I Love You” sign... with both hands... for the third time. Still, it was worth it.

MOST GUY-LIKE MOMENT: Look, let’s be honest, it’s not very masculine to be attending a Kelly/Reba concert, especially by yourself. But I did have a “guy” moment at one point, when I started taking pictures of Kelly’s ass. There are lots of people in the media who claim Kelly is “fat”. Not even close. Kelly has curves. Beautiful, sexy curves. And a phenomenal ass.

BEST POST-CONCERT MOMENT: I couldn’t get enough Kelly during the show, so I was blasting my Kelly playlist in the car as we crawled toward the exit of the parking lot. A few people cheered as they walked by. That was fun.

BEST REBA PERFORMANCE: I’m not a Reba fan, but I do appreciate her voice. And she did a fantastic job with “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia”.

BEST KELLY PERFORMANCE: “Behind These Hazel Eyes”. Not even close. Of the 4 songs she did solo, this is by far my favorite, and the way she emotes at the

BEST DUET PERFORMANCE: “Because of You” -- Reba and Kelly performed this as they did on Reba’s deuts album, and it was the highlight of the show.