College Football Top 10

I’m not gonna go through each team one-by-one this week, but instead focus on some general thoughts.

-First off, yes, I jumped Texas Tech to number 1. I know I expressed lots of doubts about them early in the season, but they seem to play better defense when they need to.
-Florida and Texas are the best of the one-loss teams, both of them having lost pretty close games. However, I have to keep Texas ahead of Florida because of the caliber of opponent the Longhorns lost to.
-Yes, Utah and Boise State will remain in the Top 10 as long as they’re unbeaten. Ball State probably won’t get in until there are more teams with 2 losses.

10. USC
9. Oklahoma
8. Oklahoma State
7. Boise State
6. Utah
5. Florida
4. Texas
3. Penn State
2. Alabama
1. Texas Tech