College Football Top 10

It’s that time of the season -- hard to figure things out, so I’ll just let the play on the field decide things (shouldn’t that be the case in the postseason too?)

10. Ohio State
Well, Michigan was no problem. Now they just sit back and wait. Boring.

9. Boise State
I’m not sure they’re going to get a BCS bid. Only the top non-automatic qualifier is guaranteed a bid. So unless they jump Utah (which they shouldn’t), they’ll probably settle for a lower-level bowl. Lame.

8. USC
I feel like they should be higher now, but I have a problem jumping a team over teams that keep winning, especially off a bye week. Let’s see how badly they crush Notre Dame and UCLA, and then we’ll reassess.

6.Penn State
Why’d I flip-flop these teams? Well, they’ve got very similar resumes (though Penn State has a loss). Their common opponent? Oregon State. Penn State destroyed the Beavers, Utah got a close win. So I have to think Penn State would beat Utah head-to-head. We probably won’t find out in the BCS, since Penn State will go to Pasadena, and Utah will probably end up in the Orange or Fiesta bowls.

5. Texas Tech
4. Oklahoma
3. Texas
How do you separate these teams? Well, here’s my shot: Texas has a neutral site win in this “mini-conference” and lost on a last second play. Oklahoma had a blowout win, and a 10-point loss. Texas Tech had a last-second home win, and a huge loss. So that’s how I figure Texas is on top, even with the loss to Texas Tech.

2. Florida
1. Alabama
This one will get sorted out in the SEC Championship Game. Which Florida will win. Probably handily. And then we’ll really have a BCS mess. Good luck sorting out 7 major conference 1-loss teams.