Buffy and Joyce - My Immortal

OK, so YouTube is all “copyright infringement” when I upload my videos, and Facebook just hates them -- no idea why -- so here is my latest work of art, on iWeb.

This was, BY FAR, the hardest video for me to put together. It’s an incredibly emotional subject, with incredibly powerful scenes, set to an incredibly sad song.

Buffy Summers and her mother Joyce had the kind of relationship every parent has with their child -- only in this case, Buffy was the slayer. As the slayer, Buffy was destined to die early, and she did -- twice. Only, both times, Buffy came back. Joyce, on the other hand, did not. Her death was the re-defining moment of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, for better or worse.

I hope you enjoy my video. Please let me know if you do.