SportsBytes #3.2

- Wow, I just looked at the sports landscape for tonight and tomorrow. There ain’t shit going on. No MLB, no NHL, no NFL, no major college football. Only some preseason NBA. Now, I love the NBA, but I can’t get excited about preseason. Why couldn’t they start the LCS sooner?

- Speaking of the LCS, I’m sticking by my picks of Rays and Phillies. I know the Red Sox looked good in their series against the Angels, but I feel like injuries, and their struggles at Tropicana Field, will catch up with them in this round.

- As for my Mets, who weren’t involved in the postseason in any way, they extended manager Jerry Manuel’s contract for another 2 years. Look, I wasn’t happy with how the season ended, but I couldn’t exactly blame it all on Manuel. Still, did the team have to make this decision so soon? Especially when Bobby Valentine just expressed interest in the job? I’m giving this move -- the first of the offseason -- a C-.

- Hail to the Redskins! After another big road win against a division rival, the fightin’ Zorns are now 4-1 and behind only the Giants in the NFC East. Plus, because of the wins over Dallas and Philadelphia, they’re in the drivers seat for tiebreakers over those teams. I gotta admit, I had my doubts about the Jim Zorn era, but it’s working out so far.

- The main reason it’s working? Well, that would probably be Clinton Portis. Bucking the league-wide trend, Zorn is giving Portis the majority of the carries in the backfield, by a wide margin over Ladell Betts. I’ve got nothing against Betts, but he’s no Portis, so this move makes sense to me. The more Portis carries the offense, the less they have to rely on the still-green Jason Campbell, and that usually leads to success.