Series of Tubes #1.3


- “Desperate Housewives” has been excellent this year, getting back to some of the snarkiness and infighting that made Season 1 so great. That said, I hope this “Dave” mystery doesn’t drag out throughout the entire season, since these long secret backstories are usually what end up losing me as the season goes along.


- “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is in danger of getting cancelled, which is a shame, because this week’s episode might have been the best yet. I like seeing more of future leader John Connor, instead of whiney teenager John Connor. Plus, seeing Sarah try and be motherly (to a kidnapped boy) and semi-fail at it was fun.

- I like “Gossip Girl”, I really do, but I need to say something. There’s no way that Blair could have done what she did to Serena and then, 10 minutes later in the episode, they’d totally be BFF again. It just wouldn’t happen. And hopefully, beneath the surface, things still aren’t cool between them.

- In the “Chuck”-verse, Bryce Larkin is the perfect foil for Chuck. Bringing him in once or twice a season will spice things up throughout the run of this series. I just hope the writers resist the urge to use him more often, since there’s only so much you can do with Chuck-Sarah tension.

- Also, the Michael Strahan cameo on “Chuck” needs to be addressed. For the most part, I found the entire storyline very stupid (he was a manager of a local sporting goods store, and he’d bring his entire staff into the Buy More to play “Madden” and make a mess of things). It was all worth it though to see Strahan get his ass kicked by a little Asian girl at the end of the show.


- “Eli Stone” is one of those shows everyone tells you that you should be watching, but you don’t. Well I watch, and let me be the 1,000th person to say you should be watching this show. I think going with some more overt religious overtones is a good publicity move, since it’ll draw in that “Joan of Arcadia”/”Touched by an Angel” audience, but at the core, the show can still keep its quirky creativity from last year.

... no thoughts this week on the Wednesday shows (off due to debates) and the Thursday shows (I really won’t have anything more to add on “Smallville” until the show stops sucking, which might be never). Enjoy the DVRing!