Series of Tubes #1.2

Hey, I came up with a format for this. I’m going to divide the sections by days of the week, and write my notes in that order. For my personal show watching schedule, check out last week’s Series of Tubes.


- When I first watched it, I was going to write about “Family Guy”, but I’ll say this quickly -- that show has a way of beating jokes to death, then bringing them back to life. We have not seen the last of the bird.

- As for “American Dad”, I wish we’d seen the last of Roger. I actually enjoy this show (which is why I keep watching it on a weekly basis), but I can’t stand Roger as a character. He’s not funny and doesn’t bring anything to the make-up of the cast. Get rid of him, or at least minimize his role.


- Terminators with imprints of the personalities of the humans they’re modeled on? NO!

- I’ve now seen two episodes of “Gossip Girl” post-Dan/Serena break-up, and I have to say, I wish they were back together. I don’t like seeing Serena being all, well, Blair-like, and I kinda find myself rooting for Dan. I guess I see a lot of myself in him (writer, semi-loner in high school, always shooting for the stars in relationships, etc).

- “Heroes” is totally back. Some people may still not be on board with some of the storylines for this season, but at least they’re not boring like they were last year.


- I still have every episode of “Fringe” saved and ready to watch. I just haven’t yet. Get back to me on this one.


- Last year I was almost ready to give up on “Bones”. I didn’t feel like it was going anywhere. But by splitting up the core group (Zack’s locked up, Hodgins and Angela broke up), they’ve shaken up the creative mix of the show in a good way. Now, they just need to make sure they can keep up the tension/vibes between Bones and Booth without having them sleep together. I’m pretty sure that would be the show’s “jump the shark” moment.

- People may not be watching “Dirty, Sexy, Money” in droves, but I enjoy the show. Tripp’s manipulation, possibly of everyone, continues to be the driving force being the show, and it’s back in full force this season (after it started to wane a little bit at the end of last year’s abbreviated season).


- Smallville just sucks. I really need to stop watching this crap. I’d like to be more specific, but it’s really just a general suck-i-tude right now. Plus, the show doesn’t even take place in Smallville anymore, so what’s the point?