Fave 5 - Britney Spears Videos

Britney Spears’ new video, “Womanizer”, has debuted and I must say that I’m a fan. Britney is indeed back. However, I’m not ready to say “and better than ever” yet, because the “Womanizer” video, while incredible, doesn’t crack my Fave 5 Britney videos. And here they are:

5. Everytime

I’m not a huge fan of Britney’s ballads -- her voice isn’t made for that type of song -- and the videos for them are usually boring. But this is the exception. The song caters to her voice rather than straining it, and the video tells a sad story to go along with the song. Good stuff.

4. Piece of Me

There’s a reason this video won 3 VMAs this year -- it’s freakin’ cool. This was the beginning of Britney’s comeback (let’s ignore the horrible “Gimme More” video).

3. Toxic

Let’s see: Britney Spears + “Alias” overtones + partial nudity = yes. This is my most-played Britney Spears song in iTunes and obviously one of her best videos.

2. Baby One More Time

The one that started it all. Obviously, Britney’s done higher quality videos since this one, but sometimes you just have to stick with the basics, which is what she did here.

1. I’m A Slave 4 U

This is by far my favorite song and video by Britney. This was the video where she moved from being an innocent tease to being a sex symbol. Go Britney!