College Football Top 10

Well, one week into my rankings, and they’ve already been destroyed. Maybe I’m the jinx, since college football got crazy last year, the first year I did my rankings.

Still, I trudge ahead, hoping to shake out the madness in the FBS.

10. BYU
Yes, I dropped them even though they remained unbeaten. I’m just not sold on them, and I can’t get over the fact they should have lost to Washington.

9. Missouri
Wow, that was a disappointment. I really expected more out of the Tigers, but OK State had their number. Still, Missouri has proven to be one of the top 10 teams in the country so far.

8. Florida
Way to get back into the picture, Florida. The Gators now have to be considered among the top 1-loss teams, with a spanking of LSU.

7. Oklahoma
Losing to a top 5 team at a neutral site shouldn’t be that damaging, but it was the way Oklahoma lost -- taking control early and then giving everything back quickly.

6. Oklahoma State
Good win for the Cowboys, who now need to keep proving themselves against a tough Big 12 schedule (I’ve still got 5 teams from that conference in my Top 10).

5. Texas Tech
Speaking of good wins for teams that needed to prove themselves, here’s Texas Tech. Should they have handled Nebraska more easily? Probably. But I was impressed with their ability to handle adversity and come out with a win.

4. Utah
By far the most impressive of the BCS busters. The Utes shouldn’t face a challenge until the season finale against BYU.

3. Alabama
I know a lot of people have them at 2, and I don’t have a knock against them. I’m just more impressed with the 2 teams I have ahead of them.

2. Penn State
That destruction of Wisconsin at Camp Randall Stadium was very impressive. Not impressive enough for number 1, but at least enough to make them a solid favorite for a BCS title game berth.

1. Texas
Wow. Just wow. They handled everything Oklahoma threw at them and came away with a double-digit win. They earned this spot. Now they get to keep earning it with a game against Missouri.

Dropped out: Vanderbilt, LSU
Unbeaten and unranked: Boise State, Ball State, Tulsa