College Football Top 10

We’re now 6 weeks into the college football season, which is enough time to get a sense for some teams. Others, I’m still not so sure about. So here are my tentative Top 10 rankings, which will change drastically from week to week (unlike most rankers, I have no qualms about dropping teams 6 spots, or moving them up drastically, depending on results).

10. Utah
Rule #1 of Adam’s rankings: undefeated teams get precedence over 1-loss teams. Utah also has 3 road wins, and an impressive win over an Oregon State team that beat USC.

9. Vanderbilt
Not a typo. They’re really this high. Will they end up here? Probably not, but the win over Auburn was pretty damn good.

8. BYU
I’m not sure they should be this high, with a tainted win over Washington, but they are pretty good.

7. Texas Tech
Amazingly, I have the Red Raiders at 7, even though I’m less sold on them than any other team in the top 10. Looking at their schedule, they’re an easy 5-0, but they could easily be 5-6 in a few weeks.

6. Texas
4 ranked opponents in the next 4 weeks will answer all lingering questions about this team, questions that probably could have been answered if they had already played Arkansas (a game that was postponed due to Hurricane Ike).

5. Penn State
I like this team more than most people. I saw a lot of their game Saturday, and they have a very interesting offense, and an incredible defense. Sure, JoePa is crazy, but he seems to luck into these seasons every once in awhile.

4. Alabama
I’m amazed that I fall more into line with the coaches than the media in my rankings, but I think people have fallen too much in love with Alabama. The win over Clemson isn’t as impressive as it looked, and the win over Georgia was one good half.

3. LSU
They’re still the defending champs, and still haven’t lost a game in regulation (Les Miles’ favorite excuse) since 2006. I don’t think they have the QB to carry them all the way, but that showdown against ‘Bama in early November could be huge.

2. Missouri
This team has the 2nd-scariest looking offense in the country...

1. Oklahoma
...behind only this team. Sam Bradford is crazy good at QB, and they’re incredibly deep in the backfield. I can’t wait until the Sooners and Tigers meet, which might not be until the Big 12 Championship game.