College Football Top 10

Could the jinx be over? For the first time in, well, quite possibly the history of these rankings, the Top 8 teams all won. That results in little movement, and a lot of copy-and-pasting, from last week’s rankings.

10. Ohio State
I know I said (to myself, since I wasn’t putting rankings online yet) that when they lost to USC, they were done. But with Terrelle Pryor at QB, this really is a different team, and a much better one. Of course, with Penn State coming to town this week, this could be a temporary reprieve for OSU.

9. Oklahoma
I know it’s weird to drop them 2 spots after a win over a ranked team, but this team just has no defense whatsoever. Sorry Sooners, but you’re not gonna win a BCS game if you can’t hold teams under 35 points.

8. Florida
No game, no movement. Of course, the way college football has gone the past couple years, sometimes that’s the best way to go.

7. USC
Am I ready to forget about the loss to Oregon State? Not completely, but given their domination of the Boeckman-led OSU team, and the utter destruction in the rest of their games, I’m gonna put them back in the rankings.

6. Oklahoma State
If they keep winning games, the Cowboys might make Mike Gundy known for something other than his crazy rant from last year.

5. Texas Tech
Holy crap, the Red Raiders actually have a defense. They shut out Texas A&M’s offense in the 2nd half, giving up just 2 points on a safety. Oh, and they also topped the 40-point mark again.

4. Utah
They’ve won their last 2 games by a combined score of 89-23. Sure, they’re not playing the best opponents in the world, but they’re not letting their opponents do anything either.

3. Alabama
Eventually, Alabama’s tendency to play close games is going to come back to bite them. They almost blew a huge lead against Georgia, then almost loss to Ole Miss. Circle that Nov. 8 game against LSU (when Nick Saban returns to Baton Rouge). That might be the loss.

2. Penn State
Speaking of playing with fire and almost getting burned, don’t be fooled by the final score. Penn State struggled for 3 quarters with Michigan. If they do that again, against Ohio State, they’ll go down hard.

1. Texas
Here’s the current 4-game stretch for the Longhorns: Oklahoma, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech. If they finish that stretch undefeated, they might get into that argument of best college football teams of the BCS era. 2 down, 2 to go.

Dropped out: Missouri, BYU
Unbeaten and unranked: Boise State, Ball State, Tulsa