SportsBytes #3.1

- That’s right, for my Tuesday sports-related ramblings, I’m bringing back the “SportsBytes” brand that won me an SPJ Mark of Excellence Award back in 2001. So enjoy.

- Obviously, there have been no college football rankings for me (I like to wait until 6 weeks into the season, so I get a real feel for things). That said, I do have some thoughts. Oklahoma looks phenomenal. Alabama is overrated at #2. And watch out for Vandy. They win against Auburn this week, and I’ll put them in my Top 10.

- I know the postseason isn’t even set yet, but I made my picks yesterday. I really don’t think any of these series are very close. The only reason I picked the Rays in 5, instead of 4 or 3, is I’m not sure how the young team will play on the road. As for the Sox, well, I don’t trust their health. But if Lowell and Drew can play, and Beckett can pitch, that could easily be a different series.

- How ‘bout them Redskins?! Yes, it took me 3 items to get to them, but holy crap were they awesome on Sunday. Wanna know the best part of the win? The fact that the Cowboys are now whining and bitching at each other, like a team in disarray. And it’s all because of Jim Zorn’s squad.

-By the way, I’m still not sold on Jim Zorn.

- Jason Campbell, on the other hand, has convinced me that if you give him a month, he can learn any offense mankind has ever created. He’s like the Brainiac of quarterbacks.

- I still can’t write about the Mets. Too soon. Get back to me next week.