Shea Goodbye

Wow, 2 posts in one day. What’s going on?

Well, I had to post about this. I made what will likely be my final trip to Shea Stadium on Tuesday, to see the Mets beat the Cubs, 6-2.

It was my third trip to Shea this season, the stadium’s final season. I made my first trip way back in 1987, and have been back nearly annually since.

Look, I know the place is a dump, but for Mets fans, it’s our dump. We may not have as many memories as Yankees fans do of their home, but they’re still memories. It’s sad knowing that I won’t be able to take my nephews to their first game at the same place I saw my first game.

Still, I did enjoy my 3 Mets games this season (well, I enjoyed the 2 wins, and was disgusted with the bullpen in the loss). I took plenty of pictures, which you can enjoy in this photo gallery.