My Official Postseason Predictions

Sure, the MLB regular season isn’t actually over yet (the White Sox have a make-up game Monday, then possibly a one-game playoff against the Twins on Tuesday), but I’m ready to make my postseason predictions.

With the Mets out of it (again!) I can predict without bias (except for the Brewers, who suck... I hate Milwaukee right now).

As The Joker would say... “here... we... go...”

Phillies def. Brewers, 3-1
Dodgers def. Cubs, 3-1

This is all about the sluggers. I think Ryan Howard will carry the Phillies, and the Crew will only be able to win the game Sabathia starts. Manny will continue being Manny to get the Dodgers past the star-crossed Cubbies.

Angels def. Red Sox, 3-1
Rays def. AL Central Champ, 3-2

Beckett’s injury hurts Boston, since he’ll probably only be able to start once in the series. I don’t care who makes it of the Twins and White Sox, I think the Rays win that series.

Phillies def. Dodgers, 4-1

Too much Howard, Utley, Rollins, etc. for the Dodgers pitching staff to handle.

Rays def. Angels, 4-2

Can you feel the magic in St. Pete? Evan Longoria hits 3 homers, wins series MVP.

World Series
Phillies def. Rays, 4-2

Philadelphia clinches its first title since 1980 (and the first for the city since 1983) on the road, thanks to Brad Lidge’s loss in the All-Star Game.