My Thoughts on Hancock

Let me say this. I’m not a film critic. I’ve never been to film school and I’ve never studied films. Hell, I don’t call them “films”, I call them “movies”. And while the “film” critics are bashing “Hancock”, if you enjoy “movies”, then you’ll enjoy “Hancock”.

Actually, let me be fair. “Hancock” is not a perfect movie. It does have some holes, and does derail at times, but it, on a whole, is very enjoyable.

Now, you have to understand what “Hancock” is. It’s not a cheesy action movie. It’s significantly deeper and more dramatic than even the recent trailers would suggest. So if you expect something along the lines of “Live Free or Die Hard” (aka an action movie where turning off your brain is a requisite for enjoyment) then you’ll be disappointed.

If you’ve read reviews of Hancock, then you probably already know the big twist of the movie, but I’m not going to spoil it for you. I’m just gonna say that I didn’t see it coming (which is rare for me) and I thought it spiced up the movie.

Then again, it did change the movie completely, which, if you’re not good at changing gears, can completely throw you off. In fact, you might feel like the 2nd half of the movie is a different movie from what you were promised, which might piss you off. Me? I enjoyed having to think at a movie, which isn’t common for a summer blockbuster.

Now, given the bad reviews, and the lack of re-watchability of “Hancock” (the movie’s emotional pull is designed to catch you off guard, which it just won’t on re-watching), I don’t expect this to make in the $200-$300M range, but it’s still a good movie. Go see it.