Adding to the Collection

It’d been awhile since I purchased anything Buffy-related (other than comics), but I was at the mall yesterday, and there was a new collectibles and cards store (called, strangely enough, “Collectibles and Cards”). They had the “Villains Willow” bust in stock -- I’ve had it on order from Time & Space Toys for months now, but they’ve still got it backordered.

Today I went back to actually buy it, which was a good move, since just about everywhere lists it as sold out, and T&ST will probably never be able to get it to me.

I also stopped by Newbury Comics, the store next door, and they had the Serenity Malcolm Reynolds prop pistol available. This thing was originally $249 from the manufacturer, and it’s sold out. On eBay, the thing goes for anywhere from $200-$300, so when they told me they were selling it for $149, I snatched it right up.

Sure, it’s only a prop replica (and therefore the trigger doesn’t move) but it feels real in my hand, which is pretty damn cool.

I also finally got around to adding pictures of the Inara Strikes statue and Tooned-Up Buffy (from Electric Tiki -- pictured to the left, because it’s so damn awesome) to my collection web site, so check that out. Eventually I’ll get around to updating the comics pages there (they’re about 6 months behind right now).