So, as we discussed on the podcast, PooZ and I did indeed go to the Red Sox-Cardinals game on Sunday at Fenway park (and there’s your visual evidence to prove it), and I did indeed buy a Kevin Youkilis jersey before the game (authentic even).

That was well-timed.

Youk hit two homers, including a walk-off job over the monster in the 13th inning.

The game was incredibly fun, but incredibly long. Not only was there a 50-minute rain delay at the start, but thanks to extra innings, the game itself lasted 4 hours and 25 minutes. By the end, we really just wanted it to end. Thankfully, it ended well, and with one of my new favorite players hitting a walk-off.

By the way, it’s the first game I’ve been to that ended with a walk-off homer since the very first baseball game I went to, a Mets-Reds game in July of 1987. Or, as fake-2Pac would say... A LONG TIME AGO!