Sunday Afternoon Ramblings

• I really did intend to post a more in-depth Finals preview Thursday afternoon, before Game 1, but honestly, I got too busy. Still, I’m sticking by my pick of Lakers in 5, even though Boston won Game 1. As I said to one of my friends up here, “there’s no reason to change from Lakers in 5 until its no longer mathematically possible.”

• By the way, I had mentioned how nice my hotel is. That is still true, but there are some problems. Namely, it doesn’t get NESN. Now, look, I’m not a Red Sox fan, but how the hell can you have a hotel in Boston that doesn’t get NESN?! That’s just stupid.

• Game 2 is tonight, and since I’m sticking with Lakers in 5, it’d make sense that I’m picking the Lakers to win tonight. My guess as to the final score? 103-94.

• I got to watch some of the Lakers practice yesterday, and Pau Gasol was aggressively going after every rebound, something he didn’t do at all in Game 1. Of course, it’s easy to be aggressive on the boards when you’re going against Ronny Turiaf and Chris Mihm. Do it against Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins, then we’ll talk.

• Speaking of Perkins, his is the injury that no one is really talking about. Paul Pierce is fine, of course he’s going to play. But if Perkins’ ankle is limiting him in any way, it could make things easier inside for Lakers like Gasol and Lamar Odom.

• By the way, after 3 days of utter terrible weather in Boston, it’s been sunny and hot as balls the last 2 days. I don’t even want to go outside. Fortunately, I don’t really have to, for more than a handful of minutes.

• A couple quick non-Boston/Finals thoughts (yes, bullets within bullets -- I’m extra lame and meta like that):
-I still haven’t seen “Indiana Jones”. I fully intend to, even though everyone has told me it was awful. I just have to see it for myself.
-Even though I’ll be on the road for the Finals, I do intend to see “Incredible Hulk” the day it comes out. PooZ and I will have a post-movie podcast ASAP.
-Yes, I watched the “Lost” Finale. Yes I watched it again. And yes, I watched it a third time. I do have thoughts on it. But those deserve their own post, and they’ll get it soon enough.