Hello from L.A.

Yes, that’s the view from my hotel.

Yes, it’s 80 degrees with a nice breeze.

Yes, you’re jealous.

So, um, that’s the end of my L.A. bragging.

As for this series, the Lakers won a very ugly Game 3, which means we’re going at least five. Obviously, my prediction of Lakers in 5 is out the window, as is, probably, Lakers in 6. If the Lakers win this series, it’s gonna be because Kobe has a LeBron-esque performance in Game 7, and L.A. gets better performances from its supporting cast than Cleveland got from the LeBron Watchers they call a team.

OK, that’s it for now. I’m gonna keep enjoying L.A. Oh, and stop sending me food suggestions. I’m on a freakin’ diet and I can’t possibly go to all these places. I have to have some In N Out Burger while I’m out here, but that’s probably about it.

Also, my plan is to see “Indiana Jones” and “Hulk” while I’m out here (yes, I’m lame, I’m gonna go see movies instead of going to the beach). PooZ and I will podcast on this stuff as soon as we can.