Hello from Boston!

I’m on the road again, which usually means my blogging will be less prolific than usual. Then again, since the end of “60 in 60”, I’ve only posted 8 times (including this one) in 18 days, so it’s not like the posts have been coming fast and furious anyway.

And yes, that’s my computer set up in my room in Boston. I’m an enormous dork. Yes, I brought 2 external hard drives, a keyboard, mouse, iPod and iPhone on a road trip. I’m not exactly roughing it here.

For a better picture, check out the shot to your right. That’s the view from the end of the hallway on the 15th floor of the hotel I’m staying at. By the way, I’ve noticed that the nicer the hotel you stay at, the less likely you are to find vending machines (or for that matter, a bottle of soda for less than $3).

I can’t complain though, especially when I got hit with the view of this upper-level lobby when walking off the elevator. Seriously, nice job guys.

OK, enough of my “Zagat’s Guide to Hotels I’m currently staying in”. Time to get to the big deal. The NBA Finals.

If you’ve been following my predictions in this postseason, you know I’ve been doing pretty well. Heading into the conference finals, I would have been in 3rd place in the TrueHoop Stat Geek Smackdown. After the conference finals, I’d still be in third place. However, instead of being one point behind the leader, I’m now 6 points back. That’s what I get for picking Detroit instead of Boston (I did nail the number of games for LA’s win).

However, I’m ready to bounce back. My official NBA Finals prediction is: Lakers in 5

If I’m not too tired in the morning, I’ll post more reasons why I feel this way, but right now, let’s just say this: the Lakers have the best player on the court, and the best coach on the sidelines. It’s hard to bet against those two.