Friday Afternoon Ramblings

• So my prediction for Game 6 couldn’t have been more wrong, thus my prediction for the series was wrong. However, I still finished 4th in the fictional Stat Geek + Adam Smackdown, which isn’t bad for a guy who didn’t really have any kind of system. Next year, I’ll have a system and I’ll do better with it.

• The above picture is the opening tip of Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Good stuff. I really enjoyed being at the Finals, even if the Cavaliers weren’t involved.

• Coming back home after being away for more than 2 weeks should be relaxing, but instead there’s just so much damn work. I’ve got two weeks worth of laundry to do, a bunch of cleaning, re-organizing. Really, it’s like a second job.

• I’m also in desperate need of a haircut, which I’m gonna go get in a few minutes. Then, tonight, it’s the next episode of the Podcast, featuring PooZ. Enjoy!