Feeling a Draft

I know I never got around to posting a mock draft up here, but really, do you want my opinions on college and international players? I’m an NBA guy, and therefore, my opinions work best post-draft, where I can tell you which teams did well (in theory) and which teams didn’t (at first glance).

However, I don’t like grading drafts right away. It’s stupid. You’re grading based on the perceptions of guys, rather than how they actually perform. Let’s be honest, right now everyone in the media thinks Darrell Arthur and Chris Douglas-Roberts were huge steals where they were drafted, thus upping the grades of the teams that got them. Well, maybe there’s a reason they both fell so far. Maybe the professionals are better at this than us.

Then again, maybe not.

Los Angeles Clippers
Yes, it’s very weird to be writing that, but it’s true. Eric Gordon is a pretty good player AND fills a need for the Clippers. DeAndre Jordan is another one of those “value” players, and hopefully will be ready to step in when Elton Brand bolts in a year. Getting Mike Taylor out of the D-League could be good, since no one knows how ready Shawn Livingston will be.

Memphis Grizzlies
Sure, giving up Mike Miller isn’t exactly the best move, but they get O.J. Mayo out of it, who some people thought could go at No. 2. Also, while I’m not sold on Arthur, they did get him for Donte Greene, who I’m even less sold on, so that’s an upgrade in my book (and a nice one with one of those crappy Lakers picks from the Pau Gasol trade).

Miami Heat
Plain and simple, Michael Beasley can start right away, and Mario Chalmers can contribute right away. Good draft for a team that doesn’t want to wait long to get back in contention.

Portland Trail Blazers
Let’s be honest, they stole Jerryd Bayless from the Pacers, and picked up Ike Diogu (who’s shown flashes of talent) in the process. Plus, they get Greg Oden this year too, so all-in-all, the Blazers should be fun to watch.

Golden State Warriors
Is the Brandan Wright experiment over already? If not, then why draft Anthony Randolph? I’m confused. Doesn’t this team need a real center? Whatever.

New Jersey Nets
I’m down on Brook Lopez, plus the Nets probably should stay away from twin Stanford centers, after the Jason Collins debacle. But really, this is for trading Richard Jefferson for Yi and Bobby Simmons. Look, LeBron’s staying in Cleveland dammit. Stop trying to clear cap room for him.

Utah Jazz
They drafted Kosta Koufos -- a guy from Ohio who sounds international -- and two international players. However, Koufos and Ante Tomic play the same position, and are more likely to remind people of Greg Ostertag than anyone else.

... get back to me in two years. J.J. Hickson looked good in those highlight packages they put together, but I’m not sure he’s the right fit for this team. Picking up second-rounders Darnell Jackson and Sasha Kaun could pay off in the long run, since they both seem to be solid players (plus, I’m always in favor of drafting key contributors from national championship teams).