The NBA: Where me kicking ass at predictions happens

Look, I know my regular-season predictions blew chunks. But it’s the playoffs now, and I’m just rolling. I got all 4 second-round series right, and nailed 2 of them in terms of exactly number of games.

So, looking at the famous TrueHoop Stat Geek Smackdown, I’m doing pretty damn well

                1st RD   CLE-BOS   ORL-DET   UTA-LAL   SA-NO   DET-BOS   SA-LAL   TOTAL
John Hollinger    32        5        5          7        0        X        X       49  
Mike Kurylo       35        5        5          5        5        X        X       55
Kevin Pelton      32        5        5          7        5        X        X       49
Jeff Ma           36        5        5          0        5        X        X       51
Stphen Ilardi     39        7        5          5        5        X        X       61
Justin Kubatko    44        5        7          5        0        X        X       61
Henry’s Mom       32        0        5          0        0        X        X       37
ADAM REISINGER    36        5        7          7        5        X        X       60

That’s right, I’m in third place, exactly 1 point behind the leaders. If I’d just had more faith in my Cavs, and picked them to lose in 7, instead of 5, I’d be winning right now. Of course, since I’m not officially in the contest, I don’t win anything, but I would at least challenge Henry to allow me into the contest officially next year.

As for my conference finals picks:

I keep wavering on this one. Part of me feels like the Celtics, coming off two 7-game series, can’t possibly win this one. Then again, Part of me just feels like they’re the better team. So, um, let’s go with this:
Pistons in 6
- They’re better equipped to win a road game (they’ve won 3 already this postseason), and I can’t see the Celtics breaking through on the road when facing elimination.

No wavering on this one.
Lakers in 5
- These two teams are SO close, and when in doubt, go with the team with the best player -- that guy is Kobe Bryant. Kobe didn’t get the Lakers this close only to lose. Plus, Derek Fisher can semi-handle Tony Parker, and Pau Gasol will give Tim Duncan fits on both ends of the court.