Sunday Morning Ramblings

• It’s been a long time since I’ve had an edition of the ramblings, but when you’re doing 60 posts in 60 days, even the most rambling idea gets its own post.

• Last night’s Cavs game was almost everything I wanted to see from them in the playoffs. Unfortunately, there’s still the problem involving LeBrick James not being able to hit the ocean from the side of the Lost Freighter. MUCH more detail on this coming later today.

• Speaking of “Lost”, the show is incredible, and this season has been nothing short of remarkable. The last episode was great, and completely established everything that’s going to go down in the season finale. Here’s some theories I sent to a work buddy of mine, after watching this episode:

-Claire IS dead (I said that after last episode, now I’m 100% sure)
-Hurley is still VERY important to the cabin search/island mysteries (he’s the one who actually spotted the cabin in this episode -- not Locke or Ben)
-5-year-old Locke was supposed to take the compass, sand and BOOK OF LAWS, not the knife, and not the comic as many people guess (FYI, the comic has two text boxes, one refers specifically to the island, and the other refers to Jacob)
-There’s a theory floating around the blogosphere (as the cool kids say) that Abbadon is actually Walt, in some kind of time-flux. I’m not sure I buy that, but it was VERY interesting that Abbadon kept calling him “Mr. Locke” in the hospital, just like Walt did.

• I started a new MLB ’08 Road to the Show career. I’ve still got my Mets catcher going (now in late June of 2011), but I’ve also got a Yankees relief pitcher. I started this guy at 18 years old, so hopefully by the time he’s 20, he’ll be in the majors and Mariano Rivera will be retired, opening up the closer’s spot for me.

• One last thing, but it’s the most important thing of the day: Happy Mother’s Day!