Saturday Morning Ramblings

• It’s the last day of “60 in 60”. Will I get the final posts in (this is #59)? Who knows? I guess you’ll just have to keep checking all day to find out (but, um, you can probably skip checking from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., when I’ll be out of the house, with that whole work thing).

• That picture is of my nephew Eli and his Iron Man action figure (that I got for him, because I’m the most awesome uncle ever). Right now he’s scared of the sounds it makes, but he also smiles whenever Iron Man is mentioned, so clearly he’s being raised somewhat right (he also likes Spider-Man, so good job Marcy).

• I feel the need to clarify something from yesterday’s Cavs post -- I WANT them to win. I’m hopeful that they’ll win. I just feel like the Celtics are near-unbeatable at home, especially in a Game 7 scenario. Then again, this LeBron kid is pretty good, and capable of doing some special things.

• FYI, I’ve got a 2-week vacation coming up this summer and what I’d planned for it is now not going to happen, so I’m open to any vacation suggestions that don’t involve either of the following: 1) having a passport, 2) spending lots of money. So shoot me your suggestions. Otherwise, I’ll be spending 2 weeks playing video games, and that’s probably not good for me.

• I posted my two main comic reviews yesterday, but I do have some thoughts on some other series I’m reading. Amazing Spider-Man is starting to bore me. I really need MJ back (she’s the only reason I ever got into it). The new Hulk series is incredibly well drawn and written, but I’m just not sure where the story is going exactly. And the most recent 3-part Serenity series wrapped up this week, but I still haven’t gotten to the shop to pick up that issue. I’ll try to do that Sunday.