Happy Birthday to Me!

It was at this exact minute (11:27 p.m.) 28 years ago that I was born in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Seems like a long time ago, right? The Lakers and Celtics were the top seeds in the NBA playoffs. The Knicks were a terrible team. The Mets were struggling, while the Athletics and White Sox were near the top of the AL. The presidential race was in full swing, there was unrest in the Middle East, and controversy over the Olympics.

Wait... was I describing 1980 or 2008? Cause, um, they seem pretty damn similar from that description. Whoops.

OK, still, though 1980 actually WAS a long time ago -- enough time for me to gain lots and lots of weight, some of which has come off, and more will come off in the next year, making this potentially my best year yet.

As for my actual birthday, well, that hasn’t been the best. I didn’t get to see my family at all today, and this was the first birthday I’ve had to experience since the passing of my grandmother. We hadn’t talked or seen each other much in recent years, but she always took the time to call me and send me a card on my birthday. It’s definitely something I missed today.