Celtics-Hawks Game 7 LiveBlog

It’s the only Game 7 of the first round, and it’s in the series everyone expected would end in 4 games. So it’s time for another AdamReisinger.com LiveBlog!

-Let’s see: the Big Three is on the bench, the Hawks look like the 37-win team they are, the fans are chanting “it’s all over”, and the Cavs are just chillin’, waiting for Game 1 on Tuesday.
-Look, if THIS Celtics team shows up again the Cavs, they’ll win that series in 5 games. But this is the ONLY time we’ve seen this Celtics team in this series.
-OK, but Van Gundy is now saying that the Cavs can steal Game 1, which makes me think they can’t. I don’t trust Van Gundy’s prediction record (then again, my prediction record is nothing to be proud of either).
-I’m bored with this game. And the T-Mobile Barkley/Wade commercials. Now that Wade’s in Chuck’s 5, they’re just boring.
-I do love this LeBron VitaminWater commercial, even if the product is total crap.
-Hey, an Iron Man commercial. If you weren’t aware, I think that movie’s pretty solid.
-And here come the jokes about the Hawks looking “lost” after a “Lost” promo. That was pretty damn predictable.
-Breen reminds us that they’re not allowed to go to running time. Van Gundy says this should fall under a mercy rule. And the Celtics bench is laughing because Big Baby just took a three. That’s what this game has come to.
-Salim Stoudamire just hit a three to “cut” the lead to 35- points. Where’s the Rock-n-Jock 25-point basket when you need it?
-Salim Stoudamire is getting his garbage time points, whether you like it or not.
-Holy crap, Big Baby just THREW IT DOWN! Where’s Bill Walton when you need him? THROW IT DOWN, BIG MAN!
-Ya know how Mike Woodson’s job was safe after game six? This crap fest might make it un-safe.
-The Celtics should just throw up halfcourt shots for the last minute and a half and see what happens. Oh, and nice job by ABC dropping a little “Midnight Train to Georgia” on us there.
-Finally, this is officially over. The city of Atlanta hasn’t suffered a loss this bad since General Sherman ran through the city un-checked. Celtics 99, Hawks 65. See you Tuesday in Boston for Game 1.

-The Hawks needed a nice run to start the 2nd half, and instead, the Celtics have opened up a 23-point lead. This is beyond over.
-Atlanta’s execution? I’m in favor of it. That’s an old line from the Bucs first coach, but it applies here.
-Well, Marvin Williams showed some signs of life, with a nice follow (after he missed the first follow).
-And now Marvin Williams showed signs of being DeShawn Stevenson. He clothes-lined Rajon Rondo on a fast break, and now he’s getting tossed. Peace out, Marvin. Peace out, Hawks (FYI, Doc Rivers needs to make sure no one on his team retaliates and gets fucked for the 2nd round).
-Whoops - Posey stepped on the floor. Altercation or no? Breen says no. Van Gundy says he shouldn’t be suspended anyway. I agree.
-Ray Allen’s 3-pointer turns this into a 28-point game, and we’ve got a Mavs-Rockets scenario on our hands.
-Via the sideline report, Marvin Williams tells Tafoya he wasn’t trying to commit a flagrant foul. What the hell was he going to say? “Yeah, I wanted to knock his block off, because we’re getting ass-fucked in this one. Peace out, BITCHES!” Actually, that would have been cool.
-It’s 60-30! Holy fuck. Has any arena ever played “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” in the 3rd quarter?
-That Kevin Garnett dunk was the dagger there (and yes, you can have a dagger up by 32 points). The rest of this liveblog is just a formality (actually, it’s been that was since midway through the 2nd quarter).
-Hey, a McDonalds commercial about working there. Is that a hint to Mike Woodson?
-Breen just asked “it’s a 36-point game. At what point does Doc Rivers take out his guys?” Van Gundy deadpanned, “halftime.”
-OK. The actual answer is NOW. Garnett just committed a stupid hard foul, and could have put his status for Game 1 against the Cavs at risk. Fortunately, nothing happened. And sorry Jax, but that’s a dirty play. He put his shoulder into Pachulia’s chin. That’s dicey.
-Mark Jackson is trying to claim his middle name is “Action”. This, by the way, is more interesting than anything else that’s happened in the last 10 minutes, save for the Garnett foul.
-And at the end of the 3rd quarter, it’s Celtics 79, Hawks 43. U-G-L-Y, Hawks ain’t got no alibi, they ugly!

-OK, with the lineup the Celtics are throwing out there (Cassell, Pierce, Posey, Powe, Brown), the Hawks should be able to make a run. The only person they really have to shut down is Pierce.
-Problem: to make a run, the Hawks have to DO SOMETHING on offense. They can’t do shit.
-And now they’re letting Sam Cassell, who was a savvy vet the last time the Hawks made the playoffs (back in ’99!), beat them. What the crap?!
-93-year-old P.J. Brown (at least, I assume why he wears #93), just blocked a shot.
-And after the under-9 timeout, P.J. Brown has blocked another shot.
-OK, Leon Powe is killing the Hawks on the board. Look, if you can’t make a dent against the B-squad, you’re not gonna beat the Boston Three Party (thanks Scott Van Pelt!).
-KG is back in, and this could get ugly real fast.
-Hey, look, Marvin Williams can still jump! Too bad he can’t actually make the follow and then only hits one of two free throws.
-Ya know, the best thing for the Hawks, from a defensive standpoint, would be if Sam Cassell decided he wanted to go one-on-one every possession.
-Of course, defensive standpoints won’t matter if they can’t MAKE A FREAKIN’ BASKET!
-Nice J by Marvin Williams. The only problem is the Hawks still aren’t getting to the basket and it shows in the free throw differential. Also, Kevin Garnett is still good. A bucket and block.
-Attention Boston Police Department, we have a missing persons report: if you’ve seen Josh Smith, please return him to the TD Banknorth Garden immediately.
-Zaza Pachulia continues his quest to commit more fouls than minutes played. Right now he’s got 3 fouls in 6 minutes, so its gonna be tough, but I think he can do it.
-Kevin Garnett continues to abuse Josh Smith like OJ on a white woman (what, inappropriate? Trust me, you wouldn’t think so if you were watching this go down).
-Mike Breen even just said, after a Josh Smith airball, “Josh Smith is lost.” Two things: 1) see, my missing persons report was right. 2) I’m stunned that didn’t turn into a promo for “Lost.” As in, “Josh Smith is lost. And speaking of ‘Lost’, there’s a new episode on Thursday that will blow you away. Just like the Celtics are blowing away the Hawks.”
-Somehow the Hawks have been worse in the 2nd quarter than in the 1st. There’s 1 minute left in the half, and they’ve got 26 points. TWENTY SIX! What the fuck?! Dominique Wilkins would be rolling over in his grave if he were dead (and the way the Hawks are playing today he might die).
-OK, Jeff Van Gundy is shitting on the entire history of Celtics basketball, naming his Fave 5 Celtics. Cowens, Bird, Jo-Jo White, Havlicek and Heinson. Holy crap. Red Auerbach did just roll over in his grave. And then dug his way out and choked Van Gundy with his cigar.
-OK, Joe Johnson finished building the Hawks new brick apartment complex and Atlanta is down 18 points at halftime. It might take Atlanta the entire second half to score 18 points. This game is over. OVER. But I’ll still be back for the second half.

-FYI, the Celtics have lost 2 straight Game 7s and the Hawks have lost 5 straight. Of course, that information isn’t really pertinent to these teams, since the players involved in this one weren’t really involved in those.
-Marvin Williams and Paul Pierce are both playing. Not that there was any doubt, but both teams started throwing up smokescreens yesterday.
-The Hawks get off to a 3-0 lead... Boston is DONE! (actually, probably not)
-So after that 3-0 “run” to start the game, Boston has scored the last 6 points, thanks to 4 misses and a turnover by the Hawks.
-At the first timeout (7-minute mark) the Celtics are up 10-5, and the Hawks look VERY tight.
-Atlanta cuts it to 2 within a couple possessions after the timeout, but again the Celtics respond, stretching it back to 8 before Atlanta calls another timeout.
-Apparently Mike Woodson has been trying to get his team to relax... now, that might seem counter to the style they played in Atlanta, but there’s a difference between good energy (feeding off the crowd in the ATL) and nervous energy. Right now the Hawks are playing with VERY nervous energy.
-At the under 3-minute timeout, the Celtics are up 20-10 and have possession. Atlanta is shooting 22% (4-of-18) with Josh Smith (1-of-5) leading the brick show. He HAS to play better if the Hawks are going to have a chance.
-That was a big three by Joe Johnson. It only cuts the lead to 7, but it’s the first important shot the Hawks have hit today.
-And after Kendrick Perkins responds with his 8th point of the quarter (what?!), Joe Johnson hits ANOTHER 3... there we go Joe.
-WOW, huge block by Perkins, who’s playing out of his mind so far.
-Big 3 by Pierce, and the Celtics have their biggest lead of the quarter. The Hawks need to get this under 10 before the 2nd quarter.
-That was an ugly shot by Johnson, thanks in part to tremendous defense on the switch by... Kendrick Perkins! He finishes the quarter with 8 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks, and millions of stunned fans who didn’t think he was capable of doing this in a video game, much less in real life.