Cavs-Celtics Game 2

So I got to go to a Cavaliers playoff game for the first time -- Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals in Boston. It’s the 4th Cavs game I’ve ever attended, and a pattern is developing:

Cavaliers with Adam in Attendance

In Boston In Cleveland
Cavs W-L 0-2 2-0
Cavs PPG 71.5 93.5
LeBron Pts 21<< 67
>>Missed one game

Basically, as long as I avoid Boston, I’m good. The same could be said for LeBron, who has been good against the Celtics in Cleveland, but missed one game in Boston, and has been pretty bad in the other three.

Strangely, though, I wasn’t all that disappointed with this game. Maybe it’s because I expect the Cavaliers to lose this series in 5 games anyway, or maybe it’s because I was at an NBA playoff game for the first time. I did enjoy myself for most of the night, though the 3rd quarter (aka the Cavs’ kryptonite) was pretty rough.