Angel: After the Fall, Issue 7 Review

OK, rule #1 of Comics. If you’re going to have an episodic mini-series focusing on individual characters and their flashback experiences, the cover characters should reflect the characters USED IN THE ISSUE!

So don’t be deceived by the image over there on the side. This issue has no Gwen story, and, more importantly, no Gunn story.

The Wesley story is very good. It still leaves too many questions unanswered, but it’s not altogether unsatisfying. We get to see Wes and Fred together again, only it’s not Wes and Fred, really. It’s a W&H representative, proving that Wes never really got out of his contract with them (a very interesting twist, now that he’s in the same situation that he tried to get Lilah out of).

As for the other story, it has some Connor in it (which I didn’t need, since his story was solidly covered in the first issue), but then Kate Lockley arrives, which was completely useless. First off, Connor could have taken care of things himself. Secondly, I didn’t like Kate when she was on the show, and hadn’t thought about her at all since she left. So why the fuck should I care about her now? Oh, that’s right, I don’t.

So this issue, in total, was a wash. The Wesley part was good, but didn’t really advance anything. The Kate part, again, was useless. We do see that Gunn’s vampire crew is training using captured slayers, potentially setting up a Buffy-Angel crossover, but that’s too brief to have an impact on what is overall a very disappointing misstep from the After the Fall series.