Adam Reisinger 1, Jonathan Papelbon 0

Look, I write way too often about my MLB ’08 characters, and I’m going to try and stop that. You don’t need all the details on every 1-for-3 with an RBI game that I have.

However, this was much more huge (huger?) than that.

Lemme set the stage for you:

Shea Stadium, Mets vs Braves, bottom of the ninth, Atlanta leading 4-2. With runners on second and third, catcher Adam Reisinger steps to the plate as a pinch hitter. Before he does, Willie Randolph implores him to drive in the runs, and tie this game up.

Reisinger has something else in mind.

Stepping in against Braves closer Jonathan Papelbon, Reisinger wants to erase years of bad Mets-Braves memories with one swing.

And he does just that!

Check out the video, and enjoy my destruction of The Papelbon.