Wizards-Cavs: who can talk more shit?

Look, let’s be honest. This is probably getting a little out of hand. Calling LeBron overrated before the series? That was dumb. Saying you wanted the Cavs when they’d knocked you out of the playoffs two years in a row? Also dumb. But now Brendan Haywood -- who’s never done anything in his career -- is stepping to the plate with this.

“He wears 23, he wants to be Michael Jordan, I can respect that, he’s a great player. You saw what Mike went through. Mike got fouled way worse than this. No one is trying to hurt him, everybody is trying to play basketball, trying to play tough. Play basketball and leave it alone.”

Ummm.... what?! Seriously. You’re talking shit? You’re Brendan Haywood. You’re a shit player. Shut the fuck up. You’re down 3-1 in the series. Moron.

As for the Cavs, we’ll, they’re not talking. But Jay-Z is. He’s got something to say about DeShawn “I talk way too much shit for someone who sucks” Stevenson. Check this out: