What Was Isiah Thinking?

Isiah Thomas hasn’t always made the best decisions when it comes to managing the Knicks, so it’s hard to get riled up when he does something stupid.

But appearing on your opponent’s court, wearing a jacket with your opponents logo, and addressing your opponent’s crowd by saying “this is our house”, well, that’s just stupid.

Some of my co-workers, including a Knicks fan, said they didn’t mind this, because Isiah was being honored by the Pistons for his time as a player in Detroit. That’s great. He’s a Knick now. Not only is he a Knick, he’s the President and Head Coach of the Knicks.

Let’s put it this way -- if the Lakers were visiting Chicago, and the Bulls had a ceremony to honor their 6 title teams, Phil Jackson would probably participate. But he wouldn’t wear a Bulls jacket, and he wouldn’t say “this is our house” to the fans.

I mean, seriously, how can any Knicks player possibly want to play for this guy anymore. Fortunately for the Knicks, they have enough guys who want to play for themselves (I’d venture to guess, oh, 15 of them) that sometimes they get a decent effort.

But if this isn’t a sign that Isiah is done as the Knicks coach, then I don’t know what is. Seriously, can we get this guy out of the league. His horrible decisions stopped being funny awhile ago, and now they’re just said. He screwed up the Raptors, the entire CBA and now the Knicks. He should never get an NBA job again.