Vote for Kristen Bell!

I mentioned in Monday’s podcast that I was above rigging the DGOW vote for Kristen Bell, but that doesn’t mean I’m above campaigning for her. So here it is, my shameless, last-ditch attempt to push Kristen Bell over the top with less than 12 hours remaining in the voting.. That’s Kristen Bell, aka Veronica Mars, aka super-hottie, aka the soon-to-be Desktop Girl of the Week champion (seriously, don’t vote for Christina Aguilera).

Here’s 5 reasons to vote for Kristen Bell, who is WAY nicer than Christina Skankguilera:

1.“Veronica Mars” was an entertaining, witty show that never got appreciated the way it should have due to an inherent bias against shows on The WB and The CW
2.Her spread in Maxim Magazine
3.Her appearance in Reefer Madness: The Musical
4.She was really, really nice when I met her, even though she didn’t have to be
5.She was the only new character on this season of “Heroes” who didn’t completely suck (and she’s awesome as the voice of Gossip Girl -- yes, that’s a bonus sixth reason!)

And now, 5 reasons NOT to vote for Christina Aguilera, who told me she hates you anyway (I don’t know that for certain, but you can’t disprove it, can you?)

1.Her Christmas and Spanish language albums were a total waste of everyone’s time.
2.Her X-tina period was frightening and anti-hot
3.The song “Beautiful” is both pretentious and presumptuous
4.She’s married and has a kid (seriously, what kind of home-wrecking bastard are you?!)
5.Her mommy boobies will either shrink or sag with time -- guaranteed

So there you go. It’s obvious now what you must do. Go vote for Kristen Bell, the only proper choice for America! Yes we can!