Redskins Draft Recap

So far, I’ve been completely unimpressed with the Redskins offseason. Jim Zorn was a terrible hire. The complete lack of participation in the free agent market was disappointing (even if previous forays into free agency have completely sucked). And the attempted trade for Chad Johnson was a “what the fuck” moment.

So, my expectations couldn’t have been lower entering the draft. But actually, I’m pretty damn impressed with what the ‘Skins got.

Devin Thomas from Michigan State isn’t a great wide receiver, but lots of people projected him to go in the first round, so to get him at #34 is a pretty good deal. He’s 6-foot-2 (OK, 6-1 and 7/8, but that’s really 6-2), which is above-average size.

Fred Davis isn’t a true top need, but if Zorn (seriously, WTF) is gonna run a two tight-end system, Davis isn’t a bad 2nd TE.

Malcolm Kelly is my second favorite player the Skins took in the entire draft -- he’s one of those receivers whose measurables don’t seem to tell the whole story. He’ll be a good pro, I’m almost sure of it.

As for the 2nd day, the 3rd and 4th round picks are both guys I’ve heard of, and who fill needs.

Of course, my favorite ‘Skins pick came at #186 overall -- Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan. How will his skills translate to the pros? Who knows. But he was damn good in college, and I’m gonna love watching him play in the preseason.