NBA Playoffs Predictions

I’m not sure why anyone would ever listen to my predictions again, after my awful job predicting the regular season and the playoffs before the season began.

But the playoffs are now actually here, which gives me a chance to try this again. Here we go.

1. Celtics def. 8. Hawks in 4 games
2. Pistons def. 7. 76ers in 5 games
3. Magic def. 6. Raptors in 5 games
4. Cavaliers def. 5. Wizards in 6 games

1. Lakers def. 8. Nuggets in 4 games
7. Mavericks def. 2. Hornets in 6 games
6. Suns def. 3. Spurs in 6 games
4. Jazz def. 5. Rockets in 7 games (yes, the Jazz win game 7 in Houston, again)

1. Celtics def. 4. Cavaliers in 5 games
2. Pistons def. 3. Magic in 5 games

1. Lakers def. 4. Jazz in 6 games
6. Suns def. 7. Mavericks in 6 games

So that leaves us with conference finals matchups of Pistons-Celtics and Lakers-Suns. Those matchups... deserve their own post!

That’s right, the rest of my NBA playoffs preview, with more detail on these selections and reasons why I think any one of those Final Four can win the title, coming before Saturday’s first game.