Mario Kart Wii = Legen...wait for it... dary!

Look, I have a tendency to over-sell a new video game when I first get it, but you have to understand -- Mario Kart Wii is better than all of those games combined!

Seriously, it’s fucking awesome.

Fucking awesome.

I wish I could say something else about it, but holy crap, it’s seriously just fucking awesome.

I had some doubts about the Wii Wheel, but it’s pretty solid, and I haven’t done anything more fun on a game system in a long time (yes, Mario Kart Wii is significantly more fun than Wii Sports, particularly for long-time fans of the series).

Online play is easier than it was on the DS, and much more fun, since you can use every track. The new tracks are incredibly detailed, and integrate the Miis in pretty cool ways (particularly on the mall track, where they’re not only in the crowd, but in the parking lot where they’re driving cars -- I crashed into Spiderman on my first run through the course).

Yes, I played way too long today, and I’ll probably do the same tomorrow, and for as long as PooZ, Geoff and I can get games going. Go Wii!