LeBron James to DeShawn Stevenson: Shut the Fuck Up!

Let’s just break this down, all scientific like:

LeBron James: 32 points, 12 made shots, won game
DeShawn Stevenson: 3 points, 1 made shot, didn’t win game

Wait, who’s overrated? Well, to be fair, it’s not DeShawn, because to be overrated, you have to be rated in the first place. And DeShawn Stevenson is so far from rated, he’s below underrated. He’s like anti-rated.

As for LeBron, he doesn’t need to talk shit (despite what Soulja Boy may think). What he does is throw down violent dunks. Oh, and he’ll go gangsta on ya too. Like when he dunked over Stevenson in the 3rd quarter, then imitated Stevenson’s little “I can’t feel my face” thing. Yeah, LeBron knows what’s going on.

Sure, the Wizards are gonna try to intimidate LeBron -- they knocked him to the floor on hard fouls on more than one occasion -- but the fact is, he’s always going to come back with something like this.