Good Thursday Coming...

I kind of wish I wasn’t working tonight, so I could stay home and really enjoy two big events. As it stands, I’ll be at work, so I’ll have to make due. But that doesn’t mean I can’t preview the two things I would be watching tonight (and based on their attire in that picture, my niece and nephews will be watching at least one of them -- go Cavs!)

First up is Game 3 of the Cavaliers-Wizards playoff series, this time in Washington. The Cavs absolutely dominated in Game 2. I can’t imagine that Game 3 will be that much of a blowout, but I do have to believe that the Cavaliers can win this one. Part of me believes that Cleveland took Washington’s best shot (figuratively) in Game 1, and by winning that game, the Cavs kind of demoralized the Wizards. Washington, and particularly Brendan Haywood, resorted to thug tactics in Game 2, and that completely backfired.

Look, let’s be honest. LeBron James probably isn’t the MVP this year (the Cavs record wasn’t nearly good enough to justify it). But when it comes to the postseason, very few players, ever, have had that ability to take it to the next level like LeBron has in every postseason he’s been in. I’ve always believed that in a close playoff series, pick the team with the best individual player. And, to steal a phrase from Nike, LeBron’s best is way better than your best, so there.

Later in the night, there’s something on ABC that may actually be more exciting than LeBron in the playoffs: the return of “Lost”!

For the first time in 3 years, I’m going into an episode completely unspoiled. I’ve seen the brief TV promos, but haven’t read an article, spoiler board or anything. I want to enjoy this one fresh.

Despite what my boy John Cash says, this season is by far the best season of “Lost” so far, and it’s because the show finally has an end date. The writers no longer have to stretch things out to an indeterminate future, so they can quickly work through plots, and focus on the best stuff. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode (unfortunately, I have to wait until after work to watch it).