Friday Afternoon Ramblings

• Don’t forget to vote in the DGOW Final! The voting runs THROUGH next Friday, giving you 8 more whole days to let your voice be heard. Between the two polls (the embedded one on the front page, and the click-thru one), voting is VERY close. I’ll have more on each finalist this weekend.

• 30 Rock returned last night, and I have to say I was pretty pleased with the episode. It was funny, and smart, and pretty much everything I’ve come to expect from the show. There were plenty of shows I didn’t miss during the writers’ strike, but this was definitely one I’m glad to have back.

• In the NBA, there’s a HUGE showdown tonight between the Lakers and the Hornets. Not only could it go a long way toward deciding the top seed in the Western Conference (in fact, the Hornets can actually lock that up tonight with a win and some help) it can also help shake out the MVP race. As much as I love LeBron, and as much as KG helped the Celtics, this is a 2-man race between Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul. My gut says whoever gets the top seed gets the Podoloff Trophy to go with it.

• According to PooZ’s current away message, he’s home sick. Not sure how that affects our podcast plans, but as of right now, the plan is to have a new episode up this Sunday. We’ll be talking summer movie previews, as well as baseball, so tune in for that.