Final NBA Playoff Predictions

So, I promised my thoughts on my predicted conference finals and NBA Finals, and here they are.

Eastern Conference: Celtics vs Pistons
These two teams have been on a collision course since day 1 of the season, and this series will come down to matchups. Garnett vs Sheed. Pierce vs Tayshaun. Ray vs Rip. But the big one will be Rajon Rondo vs Chauncey Billups. Now, Billups is clearly the better player here, but Rondo doesn’t need to be a star, just hold his own. If he can do that, the Celtics can handle the Pistons. If he turns into a turnover machine, then Boston could be in trouble.
My Pick: Boston in 7

Western Conference: Lakers vs Suns
Kobe vs Shaq. Kobe vs Raja Bell. Kobe vs Steve Nash. Oh, and I think the Lakers have some other players too. And despite what will be a HUGE focus on Kobe in this series (and FYI, the storylines in those matchups are “former teammates”, “Kobe vs the alleged Kobe-stopper” and “should Kobe own at least one of Nash’s MVPs?”), it’ll come down to Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. I don’t think Andrew Bynum will even be back for this series, but if he is, he should only be on the floor when Shaq is there too.
My Pick: Lakers in 6

NBA Finals: Lakers vs Celtics
What else can you say about this one? All the history, plus the superstar power of today. As much as I think the Celtics are a better team, if Kobe gets this far, his willpower will push LA over the top.
My Pick: Lakers in 6