Fave 5 - Veronica Mars Episodes

The DGOW tournament final is still going on -- voting runs through Friday, and, as I mentioned in Monday’s podcast, is still very close. As of this writing, Christina Aguilera has a mere 2 vote lead on Kristen Bell. That’s my girl, Kristen Bell, and in honor of, her, I’m choosing my Fave 5 episodes of her landmark TV series, Veronica Mars.

5. Not Pictured
The Season 2 finale wraps up the “long mystery” of Season 2 -- who caused the bus crash. It turns out to be shady Mayor Goodman -- not too much of a surprise, considering he was the new character for the season, and turned out to be pretty dirty underneath his shining exterior. The reason I love this episode, though, is our last Duncan sighting of the series. I always thought Veronica belonged with him, and not Logan, so it was nice to get one last moment with him.

4. Postgame Mortem
This is a solid episode throughout, but is elevated by the final scene, when Sheriff Lamb shows up at the end of the episode to arrest Veronica in front of her entire class. Lamb and Veronica’s dad had an ongoing feud throughout the series, and this was probably the low point for Lamb in making it personal. Not surprisingly, he died in the very next episode.

3. Pilot
The episode that lays the groundwork for the entire series. Hating Logan, shadiness with the Kane clan, uneasy truces with Weevil, it all starts here. I fell in love with Veronica and her take-no-shit attitude right away. Also, how could you not feel for Veronica during the flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party (and the may-or-may-not-have-been raped mystery that carried through the first two seasons)?

2. Like a Virgin
With the murder mystery of Season 1, many of the episodes didn’t really feel like they were taking place in a high school world. This one did. Veronica’s rep ruined. A scandal with a virtuous class superstar. And the world’s introduction to Mac! My favorite character on the show outside of Veronica, Mac was the kind of girl I always wish I knew in high school. Plus, this episode, with the whole Lilly’s shoes/Abel Koontz visit plotline, blows open the Lilly Kane murder case.

1. Leave it to Beaver
The Season 1 finale was so far better than any other episode of the series. We find out who killed Lilly Kane and why, how the Kanes were involved in the cover up, and where Logan and Veronica are going to go. The twist couldn’t have been handled any better, and the cliffhanger at the end of the episode, once it seemed everything had been wrapped up, is just phenomenal. Check out this promo, and even if you’ve never seen an episode of this series, you’ll be psyched to watch this one.