DGOW Championship Set!

I swear, there was no vote-rigging involved in the semifinals (if there was, I would have advanced Hayden Panettiere past Christina Aguilera) but some people will think that, because my girl Kristen Bell (aka Veronica Mars aka Gossip Girl) has reached the final. 30 matches down, one to go. Voting is underway in this one, and will run through April 18, so that’s almost 2 full weeks to get the word out and get your vote on.

I’ll be doing posts on each girl throughout the voting period, so don’t forget to keep coming back to ├ůdamReisinger.com. In the meantime, here’s some links to make you an informed voter.

Christina Aguilera (1 seed, Felicia Hardy region)
Official Site
Wikipedia Entry
SexyDesktop Gallery

Kristen Bell (3 seed, Betty Brant region)
Veronica Mars Official Site
Wikipedia Entry
SexyDesktop Gallery