Wednesday Afternoon Ramblings: 60 Posts in 60 Days

• Yes, you read that headline right. Starting today, I promise to have 60 posts over the next 60 days, or your money back! (ummm... not that you pay me or anything). So enjoy my thoughts...

• Also, enjoy the Desktop Girls of the Week Tournament, now into the Elite 8. Check out these matchups:

Mary Jane Watson Final
4 Evangeline Lilly vs 2 Hayden Panettiere
-I’ve got to go with Hayden. She was incredibly sweet when I met her, and there’s something about Lilly that just turns me off (maybe it’s the way Kate treated Jack at the end of the first flash-forward episode of Lost)

Gwen Stacy Final
1 Keira Knightley vs 2 Katherine Heigl
-This isn’t even a contest. Heigl is such so much hotter. I’m not sure how Knightley is even a 1 seed, or how she survived this long. I blame the tournament committee (of me).

Felicia Hardy Final
1 Christina Aguilera vs 7 Bryce Dallas Howard
-Howard is this tournament’s equivalent of George Mason. Can she pull off the upset against Aguilera’s UConn? I sure hope so. Love redheads. I just do.

Betty Brant Final
1 Jessica Biel vs 3 Kristen Bell
-Easily the hardest choice on the board for me. I’ve long said Biel is the hottest person I’ve ever met, by far, but I’ve liked Bell significantly better in everything she’s done. Still, I’ve got to go with... crap... I can’t make a pick now... get back to me on this one.

• Coming up this week for 60 in 60: Fave 5 Basketball Movies (yes, the Fave 5 returns!), my official tournament bracket (non-DGOW version) and the return of TV.