Tuesday Afternoon DGOW Ramblings

• This week’s DGOW is Mandy Moore, as DGOW (a.k.a. Desktop Girl of the Week) returns to its normal Tuesday schedule. I’ve been a big fan of Mandy’s since her early pop princess days, and I really like her acting. Her guest spot on “How I Met Your Mother” in this season’s premiere was just amazing.

• Speaking of “How I Met Your Mother”, did you hear Britney was on it this week? Really! In fact, she was so great, she might have earned herself another DGOW spot soon, which would mean entry into the 2nd tournament (despite her first-round loss in the ongoing event.

• As for that ongoing event, there’s only ONE DAY LEFT to vote in the Elite 8. Currently, pretty much everything is holding to form, with one notable exception. Hayden Panettiere and Christina Aguilera are winning easily and Katherine Heigl is KILLING Keira Knightley, but Jessica Biel is currently trailing Kristen Bell (as of this writing). This was the matchup that had me torn the most, to the point I put up a separate poll about it. So I wouldn’t be shocked to see it go either way, even though I have said many times that while Bell is hot, Biel is by far the hottest person I’ve ever seen in person, hands down. So don’t forget to vote, and let your opinion be heard by leaving comments.

• I didn’t give much love to last week’s DGOW, Leighton Meester, aside from putting her on the page. But I’m a huge fan of “Gossip Girl” and I’m definitely in the “Blair is better than Serena” camp. Not only is Meester hotter than Blake Lively (the bleached blonde who plays the highly overrated Serena van der Woodson) but she’s a considerably better actress, and gets the more interesting storylines. Besides, the show is called “Gossip Girl” not “Boring, Coming-of-Age Girl” so who do you think the real star is? (Actually, that’d be Kristen Bell, uber-hottie and the voice of Gossip Girl).